• 0% Finance Available, Payment Plan

    Linda Charles - A Girl Like That

    0% Finance Available

    Payment Plan

    Our flexible payment options including interest free credit make it affordable for everyone to buy contemporary works of art from the world’s most highly prized artists. Offering a straightforward route to investment, they give you the freedom to collect the art you love by putting down a small deposit then spreading the cost over time with no extra charges. Our Art Consultants are happy to offer you informed advice, whether you are buying your first ever piece or adding to an existing collection. Details of our user-friendly payment options including interest free credit are available upon request.

  • Artwork in Situ, Virtual Home Approval

    Matt Herring - The Birds IV

    Artwork in Situ

    Virtual Home Approval

    Fancy seeing how an artwork would look in your home without even leaving home? We can superimpose an artwork of your choice into the room you are looking to complete, this allows you to get a true feel for the overall effect.


    This allows you the time to be in the space and see how the artwork would look, so you really do get to try before you buy. Our team will work with you and place the artworks of your choice on the walls and they will offer alternative suggestions and placements to help you really see what works.

  • Gift Lists, Celebrate in style

    Gift Lists - Weddings, Anniversaries, Retirement, Birthdays

    Gift Lists

    Celebrate in style

    Everybody wins with our gift list service, which provides a straightforward way for your friends and family to contribute towards a gift of real emotional and lasting value. Whatever you might be celebrating - an anniversary, a major birthday, a christening, a wedding, or any other major milestone - one of our Art Consultants will be delighted to make an appointment with you to discuss your wishes. You can choose one or more pieces of art for your list, or if you would prefer, you can use it to build up an art fund so that you can take your time and choose exactly what you would like after the event.