Recruitment: Join our team

We are creative, passionate, energetic and often quirky. We hold hard work, drive and ambition at our core and truly enjoying seeing the personalities of our team flourish.

If you fancy a career down by the ocean in our beautiful locations and full of colour then this is where you will find it.

Send us your CV with a cover letter as we may have the perfect role for you.


Roles available:

Sales Assistant - Padstow and St Ives 

Part Time Assistant - Padstow and St Ives



  • Sales Consultant Roles available in both Padstow and St Ives

    If you love our artwork, then you will find it easy to immerse yourself in our world. We will make sure you have everything you need to be fully informed to allow you to feel comfortable in your role and confident about any career opportunities that come naturally when you are part of an established family business.


    We have two beautiful galleries located by the ocean; we then display some of the brightest emerging artists alongside our established artists. We do things differently because we are different, we love what we do and get to work with so many amazing characters not to mention become the go-to advisor for our fabulous collectors.

    At the heart of what we do is our passion, we keep everyone involved all along the way so you can be involved with developing an artist and being part of their journey.


    The ocean really is clearer down here with us, so why not dive into a brand-new career with us.

    We have an eye for detail, we love a challenge, and we absolutely go the extra mile. We are ambitious and never afraid to reach for the stars. We work as a team so that means our successes and failures are all together, we all learn as one and share the lessons from the past to help improve our future.

    So, make a splash and step into the role as a sales consultant working in our galleries where you will create a fun and exciting experience for our collectors. You will combine your expert knowledge of our artists and the understanding of our collector's needs to help find the perfect fit.


    What we are looking for;

    A team player, someone with personality, great customer service, energy, and a desire to learn and be the best version of yourself. We balance your gallery hours with your personal needs to allow the balance to keep us all empowered to take on each day.


    For more about the role email